For RE Developers


  1. Download the checklist of requirements (FM-T-FA-04 Rev 0).
  2. Indicate by a check mark availability for submission of each item in the checklist. The RE Developer can use the Remarks column to add information such as whether the document being submitted is certified true copy or original, the number of pages, and any other information it wishes to highlight. The same column will likewise be used by the Administrator during its evaluation.
  3. Submit the required documents together with the duly signed copy of the checklist to Compliance Monitoring Department under Concession Contract Management Group, National Transmission Corporation, for evaluation of the Administrator.

    Once the Administrator finishes its evaluation (within 2 days of submission by the RE Developer) and deems and confirms the documents to be complete, it will provide the RE Developer the following: 1) original REPA (4 copies) with control number for signing, 2) template for the FIT Statement of Account (FM-T-FA-03 Rev 0) (form for revision ), and 3) checklist of Requirements for Effectivity of the REPA.
  4. Sign the REPA in accordance with the Board authorized signatories.
  5. Have the REPA notarized at the RE Developer’s end.
  6. Return signed and notarized copies of the REPA for the Administrator’s signature and notarization. The Administrator will give the RE Developer copy of the final REPA thereafter.


  1. Submit necessary documents per checklist of requirements for effectivity of the REPA (FM-T-FA-05- Rev 1). Accomplish this checklist similarly as the checklist of requirements for signing the REPA.
  2. Administrator will evaluate submission within 2-5 working days. Should there be missing/incomplete documents, the representative of the Administrator will inform the RE Developer accordingly.
  3. Once all requirements have been fully complied with, the Administrator will issue a written certification of complete submission by the RE Developer and the same will state that the REPA is then effective.

Contact person from the Administrator with respect to signing of REPA:
Christopher O. Serrano
Telephone Number: (63 2) 9021500 local 1573
E-mail address:

Did you know?

  • After TransCo's System Operations Group acquired an ISO certification for Quality Management in 2003, an "ISO fever" soon swept the Corporation.

  • By 2006, practically all departments have secured their own ISO certifications.

  • With numerous ISO certifications under its belt, TransCo soon set its sights on the more challenging Philippine Quality Award

  • The TransCo anniversary is observed every 26th of June, the same as that of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA).

  • TransCo started operating under a new table of organization on July 16, 2009 following the privatization of its transmission function.

  • The ERC designated TransCo as the FIT-All Fund Administrator on November 19, 2012.

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